HK Preferred Provider Network

09 Jan 2017

Now Health International Introduces new Hong Kong Preferred Provider Network

It's a well-known fact that medical care in Hong Kong is amongst the more expensive locations in the world.  With these costs reflected in international health insurance premiums, it can make it harder than other insurance lines to convert.

That's why Now Health has introduced its new exclusive benefit for residents of Hong Kong, offering up to 30% off our standard WorldCare premium in return for accessing medical care from one of their Preferred Providers.

Available for individuals and families on both new and renewal business, the savings are substantial:

WorldCare Essential - 30% discount
WorldCare Advance  - 30% discount
WorldCare Excel       - 30% discount
WorldCare Apex        - 25% discount

Comprehensive Care - Preferred Medical Providers

Their partnership with UMP ensures that members gain privileged access to one of the best and most renowned hospitals and medical clinic networks in Hong Kong.

There are no additional restrictions on the remaining WorldCare benefits or Now Health's award-winning service. This option comes with a Nil excess and semi-private hospital accommodation level as standard.

Get in touch if you'd like to find out more.