Claim forms available in French and Chinese

03 Apr 2013

New versions of the WorldCare claim form in French and Traditional Chinese are available for you to download from the How to Claim page.

We listened to the feedback where you told us that many of you are using medical practitioners whose primary language is not English and have had some difficulty completing the WorldCare claim form.  French and Traditional Chinese versions of the form have been created, ensuring that the relevant form is available, no matter where you live.

The French WorldCare claim form has been designed in the same way as the English version:

They are scanner and fax-friendly i.e. there is no need to cut or tear any pages

Simple to complete - for claims under USD 500/EUR 400/GBP 300 you only need to complete and sign the front of the form

Fast to submit - remember, we don't need to see original receipts so all claims can be emailed or faxed for fast reimbursement

Fast to process - all eligible claims are processed within five working days or less

We hope this additional language version will be useful to you in the non-English-speaking parts of the world.

If you would like more information on this or any other area of our fast claims process, please request a call back or chat with us live, using one of the icons above.