AXA Gulf introduces the Now Health product in the UAE

01 Jan 0001

29 June 2011

It was announced today that AXA Gulf introduces the new Now Health product in the UAE.

Insured by AXA Gulf, Now Health International is an exciting new offering, built specifically for people who want to access healthcare anywhere in the world.

This top-end product, system, pricing and service infrastructure has been made available in the UAE through an exclusive arrangement with AXA Gulf.

This means that there are now two international health insurance offerings under the AXA banner in the UAE. AXA Gulf will continue to offer its current award-winning proposition while at the same time, under a separate and stand-alone agreement, provide the Now Health product with their underwriting capability.

Based in Dubai, the Now Health product is available to distribute through a dedicated sales force.

The product is one of the most benefit-rich in the international health insurance market today. It has generous levels of cover, high benefit limits and an extensive range of optional benefits – all designed specifically to suit your high net worth client base.

Cover is available to both expat and local UAE customers, which means that any UAE resident, other than those in Abu Dhabi can benefit from the new offering. At the heart of the proposition is an aim to provide unparalleled service - all turnaround times are quoted up-front so clients can be confident that they will receive fast, accurate service.

When customers buy a plan, they will have their own online secure portfolio area, which they can access 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. They can view and download all their plan documents and track all their claims past and present. They can also add and delete members, introduce a medical provider and order replacement membership cards.

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