• What is an EAP service?

    EAP stands for ‘Employee Assistance Programme’. An EAP service is an employee benefit programme that assists employees with personal problems and/or work-related issues that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being.

  • Why has Now Health International made available an EAP service?

    As part of our wider strategy to continue to add value to our clients beyond their core plan protection, we have made available access to a complimentary EAP service for our SME WorldCare clients. 

    We know that many of our SME clients often want to but are unable to offer a separate EAP service for their employees, which is why we have chosen to provide it alongside our international health insurance plans as part of a broader health and wellness package. 

  • What are the benefits of an EAP service?

    Evidence shows that an effective EAP service can help businesses to ensure their employees stay healthy and happy, leading to a more productive workforce and supporting staff retention.

  • What is the EAP service? What do I get access to?

    The new service is provided by LifeWorks* by Morneau Shepell, a leading provider of integrated health and productivity solutions. It provides eligible members with access to:

    1) EAP Counselling

    • Immediate support by phone from specialised professionals in counselling, social work, psychology or human services, available 24/7 in multiple languages

    • Real-time online conversation with EAP support professionals for immediate assistance with work, health or life issues

    • Confidential and secure telephonic or video sessions with members of the LifeWorks professional network in your home language

    • Each employee is eligible for 5 sessions of short-term counselling per plan year

    2) EAP portal and App

    • More generally, you can also access a wide range of information and advice about health and wellness via the EAP portal and App
    • From useful health tips to advice on how to manage workplace challenges

    *Please click here for full details of the Terms and Conditions of the EAP service.

  • What type of advice can the EAP service provide?

    The EAP service can provide advice and confidential counselling on a range of issues, from serious life changes to everyday issues*.  

    • Short-term Professional Counselling for personal and emotional issues, including bereavement, work-life balance, relationships, stress, depression, anxiety, and workplace challenges.
    • Family Support Services to assist you with family planning, parenting, childcare and more (as available by country/culture).
    • Legal Support Services to help answer legal questions relating to matters such as divorce, adoption, and property (as available by country/culture).
    • Financial Support Services to assist you with budgeting, tax issues, debt management and more (as available by country/culture).

    … and much more! From relocating abroad and nutritional advice, to stress management and sleep hygiene, the EAP service is here to help with a wide range of issues and challenges you may be facing. 

    Please click here for full details of the Terms and Conditions of the EAP service.

  • How do I access this service?

    1) Accessing the EAP counselling service* is easy:

    2) You can also access a range of advice via the EAP portal and App, from useful health tips to advice on how to  manage workplace challenges. All you need to do is contacting your account manager for the username and password. 

    Login to the EAP Portal here

    Download the EAP App via the links below



    Please click here for full details of the Terms and Conditions of the EAP service.

  • Who is the service available to?

    The EAP service is available* to all of our members on an SME plan, i.e. a company plan with 99 employees or less.  This applies to enhanced WorldCare members only.

    We have notified all eligible members that are able to access the service. If you are unsure whether you are able to use the service, then you can also check with your plan’s Group Administrator.

    Please note the service is not available to individual and family members, those with large corporate group plans, or anyone with a SimpleCare plan.

    *Please click here for full details of the Terms and Conditions of the EAP service.

  • Is the service confidential?

    Yes, you can rest assured the EAP service is completely confidential and voluntary. Your employer will not know which employees have used the service or what queries or concerns have been raised*.

    *Please click here for full details of the Terms and Conditions of the EAP service.

  • Who is LifeWorks?

    At LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell we are dedicated to enabling healthier, happier, more productive employees. Bringing together an award-winning Employee Assistance Program, best-in-class user experience and clinical support to help employees through everyday issues and concerns about family, health, life, money and work.


  • Important Disclaimer

    * Important Disclaimer:
    The EAP services are only available to eligible members. We do not guarantee the availability of EAP services as provided by LifeWorks (Providers) who are independent contractors and suppliers of the EAP services and who are responsible for their own acts and are not our representatives, employees, agents or servants and who may change the EAP services from time to time.
    We do not provide information regarding you as members to the Providers. You acknowledge and agree: (i) you must conduct your own due diligence and exercise your own sound judgment in selecting which EAP services or other products to access; (ii) we shall not be liable for any advice or other acts, errors or omissions of the Providers or any other parties whilst you access the EAP services for yourself of for your eligible family members; (iii) your willingness to provide full details of any confidential or sensitive information to receive the EAP services is at your risk; (iv) to the extent permitted by any applicable law, under no circumstances whatsoever shall we be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss or damage whether direct or indirect and which may include but is not limited to a loss income or profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with your use of the EAP services which is independent of Now Health International. 
    You further acknowledge that the use of the EAP services will be subject to you agreeing to be bound by this disclaimer and the LifeWorks User Terms and LifeWorks Privacy and Cookies Policies and that your use of the EAP services will be governed by such terms. 

    *Please click here for full details of the Terms and Conditions of the EAP service.