An employee guide to logging in and managing an account

An employee guide to logging in and managing an account

17th August, 2015


Video Transcript

An employee guide to logging in and managing an account

Welcome to this video to help you to manage your secure online portfolio using the Now Health website.

A portfolio was automatically created for you when your employer bought an international health insurance plan from us.

Once your account has been created you can log in and manage your secure on-line portfolio through any page on the site by clicking on the Login to my Portfolio link – here

Log into your account using the email address and password we sent in the confirmation email

Forgetting log in details isn’t a problem – just click the ‘Forgotten Password’ button and follow the password reset process. This is also covered in another video.

After logging in, you land on your Portfolio Home page. You can use this area to manage your plan completely – from accessing your plan documents, to tracking your claims or telling us about a lost membership card.

Here we have 3 panels; which are also accessed from the tabs on the top menu.

Working our way from the left we’ll start with the About Me section.

In here you can manage your login and contact details.

In the Change My Login details at the top, you can update your email address or choose a new password. Choosing a new password is recommended with new accounts or after you’ve reset your password after forgetting it as the system generated passwords can sometimes be hard to remember.

Just add your existing password here, add your new memorable password here and confirm it, you must click the submit button after any changes. And these can only be reset once in any 24 hour period.

Any dependants, if your company is covering them, will be listed here. You will see that many of the panels are greyed out. This is because a change here would impact on the contract and is therefore not allowed.

That covers the About Me section, we’ll now move to the My Claims Tab

Here we see high level overview of all claims activity being made on the plan. For privacy protection we never show information about the benefit claimed against or any diagnosis information.

Claims can be searched by any plan year – No claims are ever deactivated from the system so a full claims history will be shown.

If any claims have been made the record will appear in a table underneath.

To view the detail of a specific claim.

Click on the claim record you want to view and the record will be highlighted in purple – now select the View details button and the claim record appears in a modal window

You can view the basic details of the claim in the claim currency, payment currency and the plan currency

When you’re finished just close this window by selecting the ‘X’ at the top right here.

Moving to the final tab on the menu – My Plan

Here we see 4 panels each with downloadable documents for the

Certificate of insurance
Your Members Handbook
A Virtual Membership Card
And a Claim form

These documents all relate to the plan and policies.

By clicking on any document it will open in a new window

This first panel contains the Certificate of insurance – it’s specific to you and is your formal evidence of the insurance document.

This certificate must be read thoroughly and checked to make sure that it is accurate and if any information is found incorrect we MUST be notified immediately.

The second panel holds a copy of the Members Handbook

This contains everything you need to know about the plan.

Next to the Members handbook we have the Virtual Membership Card

This is a temporary card you can print and use until the physical one arrives or your waiting for a replacement.

In the last panel we have the Claim Form – The form can be either completed through a browser or downloaded for completion at a later date. If you chose to fill out the form through your browser you must print the completed copy as the data can’t be saved.

If you lose or need a replacement card just click here to send us an email and we will get a new one out to you.

This concludes the video for managing your account. If you have any questions, please contact your local office. Or use the options at the top of our website any time

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