A guide to international health insurance for China’s high net worth market

A guide to international health insurance for China’s high net worth market

17th August, 2015


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I’m Mia, I’m 30 years old.


I worked at a financial institution before I had my son, Yi. Then I quit my job and became a housewife.


My husband and I both love travelling. Before we were married, we often went overseas on diving holidays.

有次潜水时受伤了,面对昂贵的医疗费用和陌生的环境,我们确实感觉很无助。回国后,我就开始慢慢了解全球医疗保险,最后购买了Now Health的产品。我的许多朋友也都是Now Health的客户 。

Once I got injured on holiday and had to pay a big medical bill – I felt really helpless. That’s why when I got home, I studied international health insurance and bought Now Health. Some of our friends already had it and said it was great.

Now Health在全球范围内为我们提供日常门诊的保障,也为我们提供住院,生育保障,在一些特别紧急的情况下,甚至会使用空中救护飞机进行紧急救援。以确保我们全家在国内外都能方便地获得最好的医疗服务。

Now Health provides global cover from simple out-patient visits to hospitalisation, maternity and evacuations, even with an air ambulance – all with easy access to top quality medical facilities, anywhere in the world

Now Health 的全球医疗保险在2012年的时候荣获中国保险报评选的最全面保险产品的殊荣,2013年获得国际保险产品大奖的最佳国际保险产品大奖,这些荣誉让我对Now Health充满信心。

The global medical insurance of Now Health won The Most Comprehensive Protection Award at the Insurance Awards 2012 and was the winner of the best international Private health insurance product by Professional Adviser International Fund & Product Awards 2013. This honour makes me confident about the product.

一开始购买Now Health时其实我也就是抱着尝试的心态,后来发现全球医疗保险对我们这样的家庭非常合适。

I took the give-it-a-try attitude when I first bought the Now Health product, because this kind of plan is good for people like us who travel overseas a lot.

平时在国内看病,我们可以享受到权威专家的治疗,同时省去了排队的苦恼。现在我们看病,先做好预约,付费结账时出示Now Health 会员卡,治疗费用也会由NOW Health 直接支付给医院。

We can get medical treatment from international experts without waiting in line when we go to hospital in China. All I need to do is make an appointment, show my Now Health membership card and everything is taken care of. Now Health will also pay the fee of treatment directly to the medical facility if they can.

成为了Now Health的会员,让我们无论是在国内还是在海外,都能享受到最好的医疗服务,让全家人都非常安心。

Being a member of Now Health means we can access the best quality medical care at home and overseas. It puts my whole family at ease.


I think that this wonderful product is worth sharing with each other.


I am happy with my life. Every day when I wake up, I see my family, and Yi becomes more and more lovely. I am quite content with my life.

购买了Now Health产品后,我觉得更加安心了,我很享受现在每天的幸福感,对我而言,家人平安、健康,其实就是我最大的幸福。

After buying the product of Now Health, I feel more at ease. I enjoy the feeling of happiness every day. The biggest happiness for me is the safety and health of my family.

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