A demo of Now Health’s Intermediaries Online service

A demo of Now Health’s Intermediaries Online service

17th August, 2015

Welcome to this online demo of Now Health’s Intermediaries Online service – a fast and secure way to get quotes and buy plans online for your clients.

If you’ve used Now Health’s online quote tools before, the new functionality will be very familiar. If you haven’t, we’ll show you how easy it is to get both individual and SME FMU quotes.

All quotes are generated from Now Health’s system so accurate pricing is guaranteed. Even better, as soon as your quote is saved, you’ll never have to fill out a paper application form ever again – and any plan you buy will automatically be allocated the correct commission.

This video will take you through the speedy process of how to set up and edit your account, how to get quotes and buy plans for individuals and families, and how to get SME FMU quotes for companies.

To set up your Intermediaries Online account, contact your local sales office and let them know the names and email addresses of the agents you would like to include. We can create unlimited numbers of logins so you have total flexibiliy. Each Intermediaries Online account always has a Master Agent, who in addition to all the other functionality, can see both company information and which agents are creating quotations.

We will send agents their own username and password, which can be edited the first time they log in. We also provide each agent with a personalised URL that can be used to generate commission remotely – you can place it on your website, send it to a prospect, use it in an email flyer – and it auto-allocates commission for every sale made.

Once you have your username and password, you can log in into your account directly from the Now Health website using the login link at the top of any page.

If you forget your password – just click the ‘Forgotten Password button and follow the reset process. There’s another short video covering forgotten passwords if you need more detail.

After logging in, you land on the Home page of your secure online portfolio.

Your homepage has 4 additional menu tabs across the top for Master Agents:

About me
About my Company
My Quotes: Individual – and
My Quotes: Companies

And for other agents, the About my Company panel isn’t accessible.

These tabs are also accessible from the panels in the centre of the screen

The About Me section contains personal information about you, your contact details, username and password. You can change any data on this page once in any 24-hour period by changing the field contents and saving your changes.

The next tab takes us to About My Company section which is available for Master Agents only.

Your company information is pre-loaded and can be updated at any time in the same way as the About Me section.

You’ll see at the bottom of this page the additional feature to add your company logo. If you upload a company logo it will appear in the top right corner of your and any of your other agent’s portfolios

If you make any changes to this page, or upload your company logo, remember to click Save Changes before moving on.

The next tab on the menu takes you to the quotes section for individuals and families’

In here you can create, edit, download application forms, and buy individual and family plans. As with all Now Health quotes, they are active for 30 days.

To edit an existing quote, click on the quote and select from one of the buttons: Delete, Edit, Buy or Download a quote Application.

If you’re generating a new quote, it’s worth bearing in mind at this point that completing the online application benefits from the shortened set of 3 medical questions, whereas downloading an application for completion offline will contain the full set of 17 questions.

If you know the plan your client wants and you have their go-ahead and the authority to use their credit card details, you can buy the plan on their behalf and receive automatic commission.

If the client wants to use an alternate method of payment like cheque or bank transfer, you can also request a call back to arrange the payment.

The final option available is to download a pre-filled application form based on the information you have – this is particularly useful if you don’t have all the information you need to complete a sale.

And every quote you generate is automatically saved in our system so there’s no need for re-keying or filling out additional forms.

For Master Agents, quote activities from other agents can also be viewed, with the agent’s name associated with each quote listed on the far right of the grid.

To generate a new quote click on the green Get Quotes button.

The next screen shows the four options for each WorldCare plan your clients can choose from depending on their budget. But first we need some basic details about them.

Select their country of residence – When the plan is due to start (you can choose a date up to 60 days in the future) – The plan holder’s date of birth and, if they have any, the number of dependants to be included, and click on the Update Quote button to refresh the page.

After the page refreshes, scroll down and you’ll see the WorldCare plan selected is our most basic plan – Essential with a standard nil excess

There are the full range of WorldCare plans to choose from:

And Apex

Each plan offers additional levels of cover and scrolling to the bottom of the screen you’ll see the premium cost quoted here for the Essential plan.

By changing the WorldCare plan to Excel, the screen will refresh and you’ll see the premium cost is updated automatically.

You can further adjust the premium’s cost by selecting the level of excess the client is happy to pay in the event of a claim. Just select the excess level and click update quote.

The screen will refresh and the new premium cost is adjusted.

In addition to the excess, the client can choose any Optional Benefits to the plan, bare in mind changes here will also alter the premium.

When you’ve finished click on the Update Quote button, scroll down the screen and you’ll see the total quote for the premium has been updated again.

Once you’re happy with the premium set for your client, select the payment frequency to either: Annual – Monthly – Quarterly – or Semi annual… and if the option is available, what currency they’d like to use to pay for the plan. Again changes here will alter the premium.

When you’re finished, click the Update Quote button again to see the total premium and monthly payments displayed in the selected currency.

At this stage you have the option to email this quote to either the client or you, or both of you.

Now you know the plan details, we need to know about your client. You must complete this stage to generate a quote and save it in the grid. If this is a new quote and you exit now, it will not be saved. So, click the Next Step button to move on.

Completing all the fields about your client here will create the client’s own online portfolio and allow you to save the quote so you can buy it or edit it.

Fill in the fields on this page with their…

First and Last Name
What they prefer to be called
Their gender
Email address
Their Date of birth is already completed from the last screen
Their country of residence
And their occupation

Next we need to know where they live, and how we can get in touch with them. Please complete the client’s mobile number they want the Now Health SMS service alerts.

The data protection statement at the bottom explains their responsibilities as well as ours and how we look after their information.

Intermediaries Online provides you with full control on what if any communications are sent to your clients. When you complete this page, the website will automatically create a username and password for your client. We will only send this to you. By checking this box your client’s username and password will also be emailed to them. We only recommend you do this if you would like your client to log in and complete their application themselves. This is particularly useful if you don’t know your client’s credit card data for instance.

It’s good for us to know where your client heard about us and you can select an option here, and if you’d like us to keep them updated from time to time.

With this section complete, click the Next Step button to continue to the dependant’s page if you’re adding them. If you’re not adding dependants, you’ll automatically progress to the Plan Summary page where you can review and edit your client’s plan details.

Your client’s quote is now stored and login details for the account along with a copy of the quote have been emailed to you as standard and if you checked the box, they will also have been sent to your client.

Here we see a summary of the plan; details of the applicants, the product, excess, additional options, payment frequency and currency chosen.

At the bottom of the page is confirmation of the breakdown of the premium for you to check.

You can still edit any of these plan details – change the cover, add dependants – it’s up to you. To keep all your options available, we will create a new quote for every edit you make so it’s easy to pick the option that suits your client best. You can go back to the quote grid at any time and find all your saved quotes.

The final stage is to access the medical questions. For online applications, we can offer 3 questions instead of the full 17, which apply to offline applications.

When you’ve answered the questions based on the information from your client, go to the next step to see the terms and conditions of the plan

It is crucial that you get your client’s consent to proceed. We find that the easiest way to present the information is to copy and paste the text and attachment into an email to the client. By doing this you retain the link to the correct members’ handbook which your client must have read and agreed to before proceeding with the plan.

Once you have your client’s permission to apply for the plan, you agree to the terms and conditions by checking this box.

There are 2 payment options, the fastest and easiest is to go direct to the credit card option, however if your client prefers to use a different method of payment, such as cheque or bank transfer, click on the Request a Call Back link and one of our customer service team will call you back at a convenient time to help you make arrangements for the payment.

If your client is paying by credit card and you have the relevant authority from them, complete their card details and click ‘Buy Plan’. If the card payment is successful, you will receive a ‘Relax. You’re Client is Covered’ page and email. This means that your client’s plan is live and you can send them their Now Health username and password. If you wish, you can also log into their account to check that all of the details, including their Certificate of Insurance are correct. One of our customer service team will also contact you to find out how you would like your client’s plan documents delivered.

Please note that when your client’s plan goes into Live status, their quote and any other quotes you’ve created for them will disappear.

If any of the information in your client’s application needs to be reviewed, for instance a high or low BMI, a yes answer to a medical question or for another reason, you will receive a thank you page and email, stating that a member of our customer service team will be in touch within 48 hours.

We mentioned earlier that if you don’t have all the information you need to be able to complete a sale, you can download a pre-filled application form from the quote grid for any option you have created for your client. All they need to do is complete the missing information and sign the form.

The Last tab on the menu takes us to the Company Quotes section

You can get a company quote for up to 49 employees on Now Health’s Full Medical Underwriting rates using Intermediaries Online. It’s not possible to complete a company sale online as the process can be complex but it is possible to generate quotes using census data and upload a membership list if you’re ready to proceed. The procedure of getting a company quote follows a similar process to the individual quotes section we’ve just covered.

The first screen will show any quotes already in your portfolio.

To edit and existing quote, click on the quote you want to edit and select from one of the buttons: Delete, Edit, Download Application, Download membership list, Upload membership list.

Every quote generated is saved here until it’s either purchased or deleted and a new quote is generated every time you change an option.

To generate a new quote, click on the Get Quotes for Companies button to go through to the WorldCare plans.

First select the country of residence and the start date for the plan – as with individual quotes, you can select a start date up to 60 days in the future.

Add the number of employees based on their age range. The on-line system will accept up to 49 employees, if you need cover for more 49, just click the Request A Call Back from the top menu and we’ll call back when it convenient to discuss your quote.

Next add any dependants to the plan if your client wants to cover them.

When you’ve added the employees click the Update Quote button, the screen refreshes and your premium is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Your client’s WorldCare plan selected by default is the entry-level plan – Essential – with a nil excess.

Then select the Excess and any Optional benefits required, the payment frequency, and if the option is available, what currency they want to pay their premium in.

Changing the payment frequency will have an impact on the price of the plan. So if you change it from the default of annually to another option, make sure to click on the Update Quote button to recalculate the premium.

When the level of cover and quote price has been agreed, go through to the next stage to complete the details for the company and plan administrator. Just as with the individual quotes functionality, you must complete the ‘About your client’ page to save your client’s quote. You also have the same options regarding your client’s username and password. When you complete this page, the website will automatically create a username and password for your client. We will only send this to you. By checking this box your client’s username and password will also be emailed to them.

The next screen shows you the plan summary and you can edit any of the information here using the Edit buttons.

Now the quote has been generated it will be stored in your portfolio for 30 days when it will expire, you delete it or until the plan has been bought.

When you’re happy with the details of the plan and want to proceed with the quote or get more quotation options not available on the web such as MHD quotes, adding categories or split groups across different regions, select the Request a Call Back and one of the team will call you to finalise the plan details.

You can also at this stage upload a full membership list of employees if you have this information to hand. If you don’t have a template, you can download one from the site.

You can also download any of the quotes you have created into a pre-filled group application form, which will save time when your client is ready to buy.

Thanks for watching our demo of Intermediaries Online. If you would like more information or to set up your username and password, please get in touch with your local sales office. Thanks for watching.

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