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10th August, 2015


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When purchasing a global medical insurance policy, you want to make sure the plan is ideal for you. You want to be sure that it fits in with your budget and that it covers all of the care and treatment you require. A lot of buyers are often frustrated by the lack of options that are available to them. Luckily this is something you no longer need to worry about with Now Health. We have international health insurance plans available to suit all customers.


Take a look at the four different cover options we have below…


WorldCare Essential


If you are looking for the most affordable global medical insurance plan, then WorldCare Essential is for you. You will benefit from in-patient and day-patient treatment, with a maximum annual plan limit of USD 3m / EUR 2.4m / GBP 1.9m.


WorldCare Advance


The WorldCare Advance has the addition of out-patient treatment, with pregnancy and childbirth medical conditions also covered. The maximum annual limit is USD 3.5m / EUR 2.8m / GBP 2.2 m.


WorldCare Excel


Next we have the WorldCare Excel plan, which has all of the benefits of the WorldCare Advance policy, with some added extras. This includes the likes of limited cover for renal failure and dialysis, as well as limited cover for routine and complex dental treatments. The maximum annual cover limit is USD 4m / EUR 3.2m / GBP 2.5m.


WorldCare Apex


Finally, WorldCare Apex is the most comprehensive out of all of the international health insurance plans. You will benefit from the likes of limited cover for routine maternity care and much, much more. The maximum annual limit increases to USD 4.5m / EUR 3.6 m / GBP 2.8 m.


All global medical insurance plans feature an array of deductible options, so you can easily customise them to suit your unique requirements.


Manage international health insurance plans easily online


One of the greatest features associated with our service is the fact that you will be able to manage your international health insurance plans online. This makes it much easier and is especially beneficial for those that travel on a regular basis. For more information on this, you can easily view the video demos we have on our website.


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