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10th August, 2015

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The benefits of health insurance worldwide are there for all to see. Not only will you protect yourself in terms of your well being, but you will ensure that you are protected financially as well. No one wants to take a risk with their health and global medical insurance makes sure you get access to the best hospitals, facilities and doctors.


Nevertheless, you are only going to reap the rewards of this if you choose a worldwide medical insurance provider with a great amount of care. Now Health is definitely a recommended option. We are a leading insurance company that has service centres in all of the following locations – Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and London, as well as an upcoming office opening in Jakarta.


We have an excellent reputation in the industry. We have won a number of awards for our international health insurance plans. We have also received extremely positive feedback from our customers.


What our customers have said…


  •          91 per cent have rated their experience with us as Good, Very Good or Excellent
  •          86 per cent would recommend us to their friends and family
  •          77 per cent have rated our claims process as Easy or Very Easy


Different policies for health insurance worldwide from Now Health


So now you know why we are a credible choice when you are looking for health insurance worldwide, but what global medical insurance products do we have available?


You can choose between four different levels of cover when taking out an insurance policy with Now Health. These are as follows…


  •          WorldCare Essential
  •          WorldCare Advance
  •          WorldCare Excel
  •          WorldCare Apex


That is in order from the most affordable plan to the most comprehensive cover. We also have an array of optional benefits, meaning you can easily tailor your plan to suit your unique requirements. This is the best way to ensure ultimate value.


So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote today.

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