Expatriate Health Cover

10th August, 2015

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Are you relocating? If so, expatriate health cover is essential. A lot of people make the mistake of moving abroad without taking out a global health insurance policy. This is a big error to make. There is no guarantee that you will have access to state healthcare in your new country, nor is there any guarantee that the standard of medical care will be high. This is why expatriate health cover is vital. It ensures you get access to the best network of hospitals, facilities and professionals.


When you take a look online you will see that there is an unbelievable number of insurance companies worldwide to choose from. However, Now Health is definitely the best choice for any type of worldwide medical insurance plan. Keep on reading to discover everything you need to know about our policy options…


  •          We have various cover options available – When it comes to expatriate health cover, we have four different plans for you to choose from. All plans can be adapted to suit your unique requirements. This ensures you benefit from the best health plan and reap the rewards of high value for money.
  •          Everything can be handled online – This is ideal for those who move around frequently. You will have quick and easy access to your health plan.
  •          Fast response times – We operate a fast service with guaranteed response times.
  •          Wide access – We have no age limits on renewals and we accept new members up to the age of 79.
  •          We have a huge assortment of benefits – This includes everything from maternity care, to chronic conditions, to congenital disorders, to physiotherapy and alternative therapies.


There are lots of benefits associated with using our award winning international health insurance service. If you browse on our website you will also find an abundance of resources, guides and tools for you to take advantage of. This will help you to pick the right policy for you, whilst also giving you advice and information on relocating.


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