By Mayar Jaroudi | 15 Jan 2024

Emirates ID and your insurance plan. All the ways you can use your health insurance in the UAE

It’s never been easier to live healthier, live happier in the UAE!


As an award-winning provider of international private medical insurance (IPMI) products, it's important to us that all of our members can access their plan benefits and features wherever they are, whenever they need them.

The most vital part of making this happen is ensuring that all medical providers in the Now Health International network are aware of how they can validate your identity and health plan.

For our members based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are various ways the medical providers in our network can do this.

Use these tips when using our Direct Billing network or other facilities to receive healthcare and treatment.

Validation via Emirates ID number

If you've lived in the UAE for some time, you'll probably be used to using your Emirates ID number for various things.

While we make it easy for you to carry your Now Health International membership details with you everywhere you go with our innovative suite of digital tools, if you find yourself needing treatment without your details on you, all is not lost.

Simply provide your Emirates ID number upon arrival at one of our medical providers, and they can use that to validate you and your Now Health International plan.

Validation via Digital Membership Card

Whether you have the Now Health International mobile app or prefer logging into your secure online portfolio via a browser on your smartphone, your digital membership card contains all the information medical providers need to know before proceeding with treatment.

Whenever you make any changes to your Now Health International plan, your digital membership card also automatically updates, ensuring you'll always be able to access the healthcare and facilities you've paid for.

Validation via Mobile Pass

We love our digital membership card and mobile app.

But we also know that getting a smartphone signal inside a medical facility can be difficult.

That's why we introduced our award-winning Mobile Pass! Log in to your secure online portfolio, download your Mobile Pass to your smartphone wallet, and use this to validate your plan whenever you visit a Direct Billing facility or another medical facility within the Now Health International network.

Does it matter what I use to access the Now Health International medical provider network?

No. Our provider validation tool is set up so medical providers in our network can quickly and easily identify you and your level of coverage, irrespective of whether you present your Emirates ID number or your personal details via your digital membership card or Mobile Pass.

How to find and access medical providers when in the UAE

The Now Health International mobile app allows you to find and access medical providers whenever needed. Simply open up your app and start your search using our improved Find a Medical Provider Tool. Once you find a medical provider that meets your needs, just hit the button, and Google Maps will get you there. You can also use your mobile app to "favourite" your preferred medical providers to get directions or contact details quickly next time you need to travel there or make an appointment.

And if you aren’t searching on the go, you can also use our Find a Medical Provider Tool on our website.

Using your private health plan in the UAE

With so many ways to validate your health plan with medical providers in the UAE, it's never been easier to access the treatment you need whenever you need it.

If you have any questions about using your health plan, you can contact our award-winning 24/7 customer service team.

Live healthier, live happier!