Our service promise

Overseas medical insurance

Our overseas medical insurance is designed to deliver great service, so it’s straightforward to access the healthcare you need wherever you are in the world.

Your time is precious. We understand that you need to know how quickly we will handle your requests. We have made six promises on how fast we will complete the following important tasks:

1. If you have had to pay for treatment and need to claim back your expenses, we will process eligible claims within five working days

2. If you need day-patient or in-patient treatment, we will aim to pre-authorise your claim so you don’t need to pay anything. We will place guarantees of payment with medical providers within two working days

3. When you buy your plan, if we need to underwrite your application, we will respond to you within two working days

4. If you choose to receive your plan documents by post, we will dispatch them within five working days

5. If you choose to go paper-free, we will dispatch your membership card within two working days

6. We will respond to all your enquiries within one working day

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