International Health Insurance

for Expats in Hong Kong - families get a 10% discount!

Now Health makes it fast and simple for you to get the right international health insurance, whether you want basic cover or all the bells and whistles.

Enjoying your life Overseas?

We take the fuss out of accessing top quality medical care in Hong Kong, where we have around 250 medical providers in our direct billing network right across the whole country.  You can also choose where else in the world you would like to access medical care – at home or if you choose, a centre of medical excellence!

Are you’re embarking on a new life experience abroad or you’re already living out of your home country? Congratulations, you’re an expat!

That means that international health insurance is specifically designed for you. It’s perfect for people who are going to live abroad for a year or more and gives you the same quality of health insurance as you’re used to no matter what country you’re in.

We talk to a lot of people who think that travel insurance will do the same job as international health insurance.  It won’t.  While travel insurance does include some basic health coverage abroad, it is mainly designed for holidays when lost luggage and delayed flights take top priority.  When it comes to protecting your health, the best solution is international health insurance.

Why choose Now Health International?

Hong Kong has one of the most advanced private healthcare systems in the world. However, it is also one of the most expensive (second only to the USA's)!

As a non-native, you are expected to pay, in full, for any medical services you may need at a private facility whilst living or working in Hong Kong. Therefore, health insurance is crucial for any expatriates who would rather be financially prepared should they suddenly fall ill.

Plans are available for individuals, couples and families so you can enjoy life's adventures, safe in the knowledge that the most important people are protected.                          

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  • Gain entry into some of the best hospitals in Hong Kong
  • Avoid long waiting lists and be seen by top health specialists
  • Access an extensive range of advanced medical treatments
  • Cover maternity costs and dental procedures with additional protection
  • Be protected even when you travel elsewhere


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