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Imagine living in a country composed of 17,000 islands. Indonesia, the world's largest island country, offers a unique way of living especially for expatriates moving here for work. Ensuring your health and wellbeing in a still-unfamiliar country is essential as you familiarize yourself with Indonesia's culture and lifestyle. International health insurance from Now Health Indonesia makes the move from your home country easier by making sure you have the best medical cover you need.

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Indonesia: Larger Than Life

Indonesia is certainly more than its popular white sand beaches and seemingly laidback tropical lifestyle. It's the fourth most populous country in the world with an estimated population of around 261 million in 2016.


The most common destination for working expats in Indonesia is the capital city of Jakarta, which is considered a global city and is projected to become the world's biggest mega city by the year 2030. As the seat of government and the ASEAN Secretariat, the city plays a huge role on the world stage when it comes to diplomacy, politics, and economy. The city is also home to numerous important Indonesian finance institutions and several Forbes Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies.


Healthcare in Indonesia


As Indonesia's population increases, and the rapid urban growth in Jakarta and other urban centers continues, the Indonesian government introduced a country-wide universal healthcare scheme in 2014 with the goal of providing health coverage to over 260 million Indonesian citizens. The mandated insurance scheme allows individuals to pay low premiums to receive medical treatment.


The country's healthcare system includes around 2,500 hospitals, mostly concentrated in urban areas. The majority are private hospitals while around 900 are run by the government. The ratio of hospitals beds and medical professionals to patients are quite low, at around 0.9 beds, 0.2 doctors and 1.2 nurses and midwives for every 1,000 persons. As a result, the more well-off citizens as well as expatriates seek treatment outside Indonesia, with Singapore and Malaysia as the most popular destinations.


Indonesia requires foreigners living in the country to buy an insurance plan from local insurance companies compliant with Indonesian law. If you're moving to Indonesia with your family, it's likely that your employer-sponsor may provide you with a health care plan. The scheme requires that the total insurance premium paid for the healthcare insurance should only be 5 per cent of an employed individual's income – 1 per cent paid by the employee, and four per cent by the employer. It's also worth noting that health plans can only be purchased from local insurers, and thus likely that coverage for these will be only limited to Indonesia. So what are your options?


Your Healthcare Assured


For expatriate individuals and families, it's better to have a global health insurance plan to maximize your options for medical care should the need arise. If you're an expat who does a lot of travelling for work, travel insurance is an absolute must for contingencies, but international medical insurance is even more important for you and your dependents if urgent treatment is needed.


One of the world's leading health insurance firms, Now Health Indonesia's international health insurance plans are designed to provide comprehensive global coverage that guarantees the best care possible for at least 12 months. Choose between the SimpleCare and WorldCare plans to find out the level of cover and benefits that fit your needs and lifestyle.


SimpleCare plans offer the necessary and basic coverage at affordable price points and plan limits ranging from USD 1 million to 1.5 million. SimpleCare benefits include in-patient and day-patient care, routine and complex dental treatment, as well as a co-payment option to keep medical expenses low.


WorldCare plans have higher plan limits and the option to add more benefits to make your coverage truly comprehensive. These include emergency evacuation and repatriation, cancer treatments, organ transplants, cover for pre-existing conditions and more.


All Now Health plan members get access to an extensive list of hospitals, clinics and medical professionals, which include nearly 1,200 in-patient and out-patient providers in Indonesia alone. With your global coverage, you have the freedom to seek medical care outside of Indonesia. The company's world-class, multi-lingual customer service is also available to answer your concerns about your plan and to provide immediate assistance and reassurance for your medical needs.



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