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Life as an expatriate comes with its own unique set of challenges and experiences. The choice to live and work in Hong Kong lets you set a different pace for your career and lifestyle. Are you ready to hit the ground running? Being at the top of your game means being armed with the appropriate expat health insurance suitable to your needs and lifestyle requirements. Is your private health insurance coverage truly global? Are your international health insurance plans sufficient enough for you and your dependents? Now Health Hong Kong offers global private health insurance geared specifically towards expatriate healthcare coverage.


Working in Hong Kong: Hong Kong's Healthcare System


Hong Kong is among the top choices for expatriates when it comes to their work. Not only is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) a global financial hub, but it has also earned its stripes as a thoroughly modern and dynamic destination. Despite its limited land area, the city has a population of nearly 7.5 million, including expatriates.


As international healthcare varies from country to country, public healthcare in Hong Kong vastly differs from the healthcare system in Singapore. There is no mandatory health insurance for Hong Kong citizens and residents, and medical care is paid for through taxes. The majority of the population chooses to avail of the low-cost services offered by the city's 42 public hospitals, outpatient clinics and specialist clinics. For example, admission fees at public hospitals may only cost 50 HKD, and a bed in a public ward is only 100 HKD. However, the downside to the low fees is the notoriously long queues and waiting times to see a specialist, or a hospital doctor.


Most avail of international private medical insurance to ensure they get the health care and treatments they want. Those who wish to avoid the extended waiting hours choose to go to any of Hong Kong's 12 private hospitals, or in over 100 private outpatient clinics all over the islands. Patients enjoy modern facilities and are accommodated in luxuriously appointed private rooms.


Foreign nationals living and working in Hong Kong on a work visa also avail of expatriate health insurance to supplement employer-provided plans that are obtained from local health insurance companies and thus only offer coverage within Hong Kong. A good number carry international health plans for themselves and their dependents.


Global Coverage Wherever You Go


Now Health Hong Kong is very much attuned to the needs of expatriates when it comes to their personal health concerns and those of their loved ones. The company's global health insurance plans are designed specifically to accommodate the unique circumstances of expats who are constantly on the move, and require flexible and world-class health protection.


Now Health Hong Kong offers a simple menu of expat health insurance plans designed to make decision-making easier for expat individuals and families when it comes to choosing their preferred type of international medical insurance. All available plans under SimpleCare and WorldCare offer various levels of cover for certain medical conditions and a range of benefit options designed to give you peace of mind and keep your medical costs affordable.


While SimpleCare plans include the basic hospitalization and out-patient treatment, the more robust WorldCare plans give you the choice to include emergency medical treatment, repatriation and medical evacuation to another country if needed, as well as underwriting for pre-existing conditions.


Now Health members get immediate access to the company's extensive provider network of affiliated hospitals, clinics and medical professionals. The list includes over 2,000 facilities and professionals in Hong Kong alone, and with more options in Macau, China and the rest of Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as Europe and the United Arab Emirates.



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