International Health Insurance

for Expats in Hong Kong

Now Health makes it fast and simple for you to get the right international health insurance, whether you want basic cover or all the bells and whistles.

Are You Looking for International Health Insurance in Hong Kong?

We take the fuss out of accessing top quality medical care in Hong Kong, where we have around 250 medical providers in our direct billing network right across the whole country.  You can also choose where else in the world you would like to access medical care – at home or if you choose, a centre of medical excellence!

Are you’re embarking on a new life experience abroad or you’re already living out of your home country? Congratulations, you’re an expat!

That means that international health insurance is specifically designed for you. It’s perfect for people who are going to live abroad for a year or more and gives you the same quality of health insurance as you’re used to no matter what country you’re in.

We talk to a lot of people who think that travel insurance will do the same job as international health insurance.  It won’t.  While travel insurance does include some basic health coverage abroad, it is mainly designed for holidays when lost luggage and delayed flights take top priority.  When it comes to protecting your health, the best solution is international health insurance.

Why choose Now Health International?

Fiona Davies
11 months ago

Fiona Davies
My daughter was recently unwell and had to have a small treatment at our local hospital. It was expected to be a day case but in the end the surgeon advised her to stay overnight. One phone call to Now Health and they agreed to cover this with no hassle

a month ago
Catmad Sabrin

Have been with them for 2.5 years now - made a few claims that were all paid within the week

a month ago
Eugene Sun★★★★★
good coverage plans and responsive customer service. most of my previous insurance providers seemed slow to adopt modern technologies, etc but Now has a decent app which helps me find a provider (in/out of network) and also submit claims below a certain threshold. Hope they continue to invest and develop on the tech front to make everything more seamless.


Access the best private hospitals in Hong Kong

Full cover for hospital care, diagnostic procedures, organ transplant, cancer, evacuation and repatriation as standard.

Add on cover for physio, GP visits, specialist such as pediatrics, dermatologists etc. and alternative therapies

Cover available for routine maternity costs and dental care

Fast, award-winning service. Claims processed in five days or less.

Access 250 medical providers in Hong Kong and 800,000 worldwide in our cashless network

Find medical providers and submit claims in minutes with our mobile app


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