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Out-Patient Treatment or Day Patient refers to medical care that does not require an overnight hospital stay.

Inpatient treatment, also known as hospitalization, refers to medical care that requires a patient to stay overnight or for an extended period in a hospital or other healthcare facility.

Please note, the following medical services are not covered by Direct Billing:

1. Out-Patient Maternity
2. Dental
3. Optical
4. Vaccinations
5. Wellness check up
6. Alternative medicine therapy
7. Out-Patient psychiatry

Additionally, Out-Patient Direct Billing is not available for the following plans:

1. SimpleCare CORE
2. SimpleCare 100
3. SimpleCare 250
4. WorldCare Essential

If you hold one these plans and want to access Out-Patient Care at a facility, you will need to make a claim. To find out how to claim, you can read our guide or watch this short video.

We would request you to please contact us 48 hours prior to your desired appointment date in order for us to effectively organize your direct billing treatment. NHI’s 24x7 Customer Services team can be contacted on +356 22 60 5110 or [email protected].