Enhanced WorldCare Advance



Major upgrade to core benefits, additional options and added value services!
Our most comprehensive review since 2011

What's new with WorldCare Advance?

In response to market feedback, we’ve upgraded our WorldCare plans to better serve our members' international healthcare needs.

Our enhanced WorldCare Advance plan is designed for people who want all-round medical care, and covers members for in-patient, day-patient and out-patient treatment, including GP, specialist appointments and physiotherapy.

Our most popular plan has now been upgraded, so members will get exactly the same great standard of service that they've come to expect, but with even greater benefits and new added value services. 


What’s more, with our new in and day-patient annual deductible it may be possible to reduce premiums even further.

Key enhancements to WorldCare Advance include: 

  • Increased benefit limit for out-patient renal treatment to USD 100,000/ EUR 80,000/ GBP 62,500
  • Full refund for the maintenance of chronic conditions

Members will also get three brand new services including:

  • A second medical opinion with access to 53,000 highly renowned specialists globally
  • 24/7 Crisis Response Management – including country risk profiles and health alerts, to help keep members safe. 
  • A global concierge service for arranging overseas treatment – from advice on finding the best provider, to help in booking appointments

Annual In/Day –Patient Deductible

  • Nil
  • USD 1,000/ EUR 800/ GBP 625
  • USD 2,500/ EUR 2,000/ GBP 1,550
  • USD 5,000/ EUR 4,000/ GBP 3,125
  • USD 10,000/ EUR 8,000/ GBP 6,250
  • USD 15,000/ EUR 12,000/ GBP 9,375

Out-Patient Options

  • 10% Co-Insurance Out-Patient Treatment
  • 20% Co-Insurance Out-Patient Treatment
  • USD 15/ EUR 12/ GBP 10 Out-Patient per visit excess
  • USD 25/EUR 2 / GBP 15 Out-Patient per visit excess

Additional Options

  • USA Elective Treatment (USD 1.5m/ EUR 1.2m/ GBP  937,500)
  • Wellness, Optical and Vaccinations – Option 1 (combined limit up to USD 500/EUR 400/GBP 310)
  • Wellness, Optical and Vaccinations - Option 2 (combined limit up to USD 1,000/EUR 800/GBP 625)
  • Africa restriction
  • Extended Evacuation and Repatriation
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