Digital Membership Cards - FAQ for Providers

Digital Membership Cards - FAQ for Providers

We’ve launched our new digital membership cards to help make life easier for both our providers and our members. 

Our innovative digital membership cards make it easier for providers to access the information you need fast and give you clarity about a patient's eligibility for treatment. 

Our new digital membership cards are automatically sent to all Now Health International members when they purchase one of our plans.

These digital cards can be downloaded into a member’s smartphone wallet (Google Wallet and Apple Wallet) so they can access the card at any time.

Our new digital membership cards provide exactly the same information as our physical cards, including:

  • Member name
  • Member plan type
  • Membership number
  • Plan expiry date
  • If any Annual Deductible or excess applies
  • If a co-insurance applies
  • If they are entitled to Direct Billing

Importantly these digital membership cards are instantly updated when changes are made to a plan so, unlike traditional physical cards, the information presented will always be accurate.

We have launched a new scanning App to help you instantly validate whether a patient's cover is valid or not. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Download our App to any smartphone or tablet device
  2. Use the App to scan a patient’s digital membership card
    • Either scan the barcode OR
    • Manually input the patient's membership card number
  3. Instantly validate the patient’s plan
    • The App will automatically display whether the member’s card is valid or invalid
    • It will also display other key payment information, including whether they have access to Direct Billing and whether a co-insurance, per visit excess or deductible apply 

You can download the App here

Our new digital membership cards do not affect our provider payment processes. 

There is no need for you to do anything differently when it comes to arranging Direct Billing or securing Guarantees of Payment with Now Health International. 

You can follow the same processes as you would normally do.

Yes, our new digital membership cards are completely shareable. 

This means that if you need to keep a copy of the patient’s membership card for your records, the patient can simply share a copy of their digital membership card to any device (smartphone or tablet).

The pass is shared instantly, saving your front line staff the hassle of having to photocopy or scan physical cards for your records.

The digital membership cards provide the same information as our physical cards, including whether a patient is eligible for Out-Patient Direct billing. 

Patients with SimpleCare Plans: Out-Patient Direct Billing is not available with our SimpleCare plans, so patients will have to pay you directly and claim back.  

Patients with WorldCare Plans: Out-Patient Direct Billing is available with some of our WorldCare plans. If this is the case, it will be shown on the digital membership card. Our payment processes do not change regardless of whether the patient is using a physical or digital membership card, so you can arrange payment with us in the usual way. 

We have initially launched the digital membership cards with our new product, SimpleCare, which is available from May 2018 onwards. However we will gradually roll out digital membership cards to all Now Health International members throughout 2018.

We are actively encouraging all our members to opt for digital only membership cards as part of our 'Go Green' commitment to reduce our impact on the environment. However, some members may still opt to use a physical membership card. 

*Please note that in certain markets members will require a physical card for regulatory or other operational reasons.    

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