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10th August, 2015

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At Now Health we recognise that one of the most frustrating things when it comes to health insurance for individuals is failing to get a plan that is right for you. The premiums are too expensive… you are paying for benefits you don’t need… you can’t find the level of cover you require… the list is endless. Because of this, Now Health has created four flexible worldwide medical insurance plans, with an array of deductible options. This means that you are guaranteed to find the ideal product for you and get the most for your money.


Insight into the Now Health plans for those seeking health insurance for individuals


So, let’s take a look at the four different plans we have in regards to health insurance for individuals…


-       WorldCare Essential – Are you on a tight budget? If so, this is the perfect plan for those seeking low international health insurance policy premiums. You can be confident that you will have access to day-patient and in-patient care when you need it without having to break the bank.

-       WorldCare Advance – This is an advisable option for someone seeking all-round health care. It is more comprehensive than the former option because you will also benefit from out-patient care.

-       WorldCare Excel – The WorldCare Excel plan features all of the advantages that have been mentioned so far, with a few additional extras on top, including complex dental care.

-       WorldCare Apex – If you are looking for comprehensive cover this is definitely the ideal plan for you. From routine maternity care to renal failure and dialysis, a wide range of benefits is available.


We know it can be difficult to know what policy to go for and the last thing you want to do is spend your money on a plan that is not the right one for you. Why not take our questionnaire? We will help you to decide what plan is the right one for you when looking for health insurance for individuals.


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