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Sheila's story

Sheila's story

14th November, 2018

Sheila is a US citizen living in Lebanon with her husband and children. Living away from home, they decided to purchase a WorldCare Advance plan from Now Health International to provide protection for their family’s healthcare needs.

In September 2018 Sheila started experiencing abdominal pains, along with back and shoulder issues. After seeking medical advice, she was advised that she needed surgery to remedy her condition.

Her surgery was scheduled for 19 September at the prestigious Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut (affiliated with John Hopkins Medicine International in the US) which is part of Now Health’s International’s medical network. Now Health International was notified of the situation and we immediately set to work arranging the guarantee of payment with the hospital so Sheila did not need to pay upfront for her treatment. Sheila’s treatment was covered in full under her WorldCare plan.

Two days before her surgery, Sheila contacted us as the hospital was requesting further payment and she was naturally concerned about the potential costs involved. Our Customer Service team member, Sharon, stayed in constant contact with Sheila and her husband to reassure them that all was in hand, and that there was no need for them to pay anything out of their own pocket.  

Within 24 hours our team had spoken with our network provider in Lebanon, NEXtCARE, to resolve the issue and make the additional payment that had been requested, which meant that Sheila was able to have her surgery as planned. Following the operation, our Customer Service team contacted Sheila’s husband to check in on her status and ensure the procedure had gone smoothly.

A few weeks later Sheila unfortunately needed to be readmitted to hospital for a further medical procedure. Once again we arranged the treatment pre-authorisation within just a few hours and our Customer Service team continued to keep in touch with Sheila’s family throughout the process, from hospital admission through to discharge, and later ensuring that Sheila was recovering well at home.

Sheila said “At every step in the process the Now Health Team were there to support and reassure us. I would particularly like to thank my key contact point in the Customer Service team, Sharon, who is a true professional. Sharon was always timely and responsive, followed through on all the commitments she made to us, and paid attention to the small details that give you the confidence you are in good hands.

In my 3 years of dealing with Now Health International their performance has been consistently exceptional, and the organisation has a real customer-centric focus. I have never experienced such a high quality of service from any other medical insurance provider and felt the team had a genuine concern for my well-being. I was very touched when Sharon called after my surgery to ask how I was recovering - It’s the small touches like this that make us thrilled to be part of the Now Health family.

Andrew Seaman, Head of Service Excellence and Europe Operations, Now Health International, “We know that with many insurance providers the service stops as soon as the claim has been paid or the guarantee of payment has been processed. But at Now Health International we always strive to go above and beyond to ensure our members know we are there for them every step of the way. It’s our brilliant and dedicated team members like Sharon that make us so much more than just a health insurance provider, and enable us to provide the important personal touch that our members deserve.”

Alison Massey

Group Marketing Director

Now Health International

Alison Massey is a 15-year digital marketing veteran, who has spent the last seven years using social media to help expats and soon to be expats find out what to expect from a life overseas. An expat living in Hong Kong herself, Alison is the Group Marketing Director of Now Health, the award-winning international health insurance provider.

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