Top websites to visit before you move to Moscow

Top websites to visit before you move to Moscow

2nd August, 2013

Beautiful Moscow is a popular expat destination with its high profile international industry and commerce, political, scientific and financial institutions. Will you enjoy life in Moscow, will the lifestyle, climate and culture suit you? Here are some useful websites to help you find out everything you need to know. 


The WikiTravel page for Moscow contains everything you could possibly want to know about travelling to, from, in and around the city via every kind of transport. Because it is written by people who live there or know the city well, it’s reliable as well as incredibly detailed.

Moscow International Portal

The Moscow International portal is packed with fascinating information and news, from exhibitions to classical music competitions and performances, entertainment, investment projects, economy and society, business, finance and more. It is a good quality resource giving visitors an intimate insight into the inner workings of the city.

The site also contains detailed information about schooling and education in the city, here.

Healthcare in Moscow

It goes without saying that you must make sure you have a comprehensive international health insurance plan in place before you move to Moscow.  Without one, the cost of medical care can be very high.  There are several medical clinics that cater for international customers, so actively seek them out before you need them.

The Russian Government website

The government website covers all sorts of useful subjects, including Customs tariffs and tax policy guidelines.

InterNations Russia

The InterNations site lets you ask existing Moscow expats for reliable information and advice on expat-specific topics. You can share your thoughts on their World Forum or Town Talk forum. It’s also useful for making contacts with potential new friends and creating your own expat support network if you decide to move there.

Moscow Expat Life

The Moscow Expat Life site is full of articles and information about expat clubs, attractions, local businesses, the Russian health Service and healthcare facilities, stories about expats living in the city, the community and city personalities. It is particularly good to read about Moscow expats’ experiences, providing personal insights into what it feels like to live there.

Lonely Planet Moscow

The Lonely Planet site is useful for an alternative look at the city, with fascinating commentary on average incomes, expenses and money, health and safety, work, study, visas and more.

BBC Weather Moscow

Moscow’s weather is dramatic, everything from extremely hot to extremely cold. Find out what to expect on the BBC weather site, with a five day forecast and a graph of average conditions in the city over the year. Or go to worldweatheronline for the fine detail, including holiday weather and longer term forecasts.


Visit Numbeo to find out about the cost of living in Moscow. It compares the city against an international index and the information it contains is extremely comprehensive and detailed, right down to the cost of beer and cappuccino.  It looks at utilities, sports and leisure, property rental and purchase, salaries and financing, taxis, food, eating out and more.

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