Introducing the Hong Kong Preferred Provider Network!

Up to 30% discount for your Hong Kong resident clients

Access to an exclusive network of medical providers from UMP within Hong Kong. Full access to the rest of the worldwide network

Looking for ways to reduce premiums for Hong Kong residents?

Our new HK Preferred Provider Network option offers a new way for your clients to access Now Health’s award winning products and service for a more affordable premium.  

Providing your clients are resident in Hong Kong, we can offer access to an exclusive preferred provider network of medical providers when they want to seek in or out-patient medical treatment in Hong Kong.

How does it work?

This additional option is available for both individual and group business.  It can also be offered to your new customers, and if you have a price objection on a renewing customer, you can offer this option too.

The discounts are as follows:

  • WorldCare Essential – 30% discount
  • WorldCare Advance – 30% discount
  • WorldCare Excel – 30% discount
  • WorldCare Apex – 25% discount


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Any eligible medical costs will be paid in full if:

  • The treatment is received within the preferred network
  • The treatment is not available within the preferred network
  • The treatment is received outside Hong Kong

A 30% co-insurance will be applied when:

  • The treatment is available within the preferred network but the customer goes outside
  • The treatment is available and is received within the preferred network but the customer pays and claims (except for dental care)

The option comes with a Nil deductible as a standard and no additional options be selected with any of the following benefits for individuals, such as:

  • USA Elective Treatment
  • Co-insurance on out-patient treatment
  • Out-patient per visit excess
  • Out-patient charges (Essential only)
  • Wellness, Optical and Vaccinations
  • Hong Kong Hospital Room restriction
  • Extended evacuation and repatriation



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